I am an Experience Designer blessed with a talented mind and an innate ability to create appealing visuals, meaningful experiences and sustainable design solutions.



Khizer has the ability to use critical design thinking and systems thinking approaches to solve multi-layered problems. Throughout the course ‘Imperatives for Sustainability’, he demonstrated great perseverance and initiative, always seeking ways to improve his work and developing his own ideas about how sustainability informs his design practice.
Baron Chau
Design Tutor // UNSW Global
Khizer’s one of the strongest talents that made him stand apart from the rest was his skill of representing an idea in a very intriguing manner, while keeping it simple. He has a strong capability of concept development, carrying out in-depth research, presenting a good analysis of a project with critical and strategic thinking and communicates the idea effectively.
Nishat Saleri
Design Academic // UNSW Art & Design
Khizer has a thoughtful approach and a conceptual thinking behind his work; he follows an exploratory process and a keen determination to continually improve his design outcome. He has developed a series of designs which show a strong use of typography, negative space, color and form.
Viven Sung
Design Academic // UNSW Art & Design
Khizer has strong research and analytical skills and was challe- nged in the course ‘Hybrid Crafting’ to progress his experience as a potential graphic designer into a three-dimensional design challenge, which intertwined digital processes with analogue craft techniques. Also, he used extensive research and iterative design attempts to work through the problems he encountered.
Ben Elbourne
Lecturer & Tutor // UNSW Art & Design
Designer at The Forty-nine Studio